SAM Training Programs


"EMPOWER THE GIRLS WE LOVE: PERSONAL SAFETY TRAINING 101" is a dynamic and interactive program designed for ALL women, with a particular focus on high school and college age girls. Parents and educators agree that there is nothing more important than preparing women with life skills that could save their lives or prevent them from becoming a victim. This 3-hour program is an excellent way to prepare you or someone you know with confidence-building, practical skills to raise awareness and avoid dangerous situations.

Learn how to reduce the risk of becoming a victim, because you DO have options when it comes to your safety. In this fast-paced, interactive and fun program, learn how to:

Join us to learn how to deal with some tough life situations and learn strategies that you can practice and use!  Don't wait, take action today!  Sign up for one of our scheduled courses or call us (954) 255-6300 to schedule a course in your area.