SAM Training Programs

Presentations & Training Programs

Empower the Girls We Love:
Personal Safety Training 101

Take away real-life skills with proactive solutions to reduce the risk of becoming a victim. Empower the Girls We Love: Personal Safety Training 101 is a dynamic and interactive training program geared toward all women, with a focus on high school and college aged girls. This 3 hour course is an excellent way to build confidence and raise awareness while learning skills on how to avoid dangerous situations and manage physical confrontations with practical self-defense skills.

Strategies on 'Personal' Safety (SOS):                          Presentations & Training Sessions   

SAM Training provides a variety of dynamic and highly informative presentations and training sessions for large and small groups that are suitable for keynote or break-out training sessions and professional development days. The sessions can be customized into 1-hour to 2-hour presentations for large and small groups or 3-hour training for smaller groups.

1 to 2 hour Presentation

In these customized 1 to 2 hour presentations for large or small groups, participants learn how to avoid becoming a victim of violence and how to respond appropriately to the warning signs associated with threatening behavior through mental awareness and preparedness, use of diversions & distractions to avoid conflict and simple techniques for escaping an attack and/or active shooter.

3-hour Basic Training 

This is an in-depth introductory course stressing awareness, preparedness and prevention by empowering faculty and staff with practical skills to avoid danger while learning strategies for managing and/or escaping physical conflicts or threats of violence.

6-hour Instructor Training

Gain the skills and confidence to teach the program to staff at your facility.  Instructor training will allow designated staff members to effectively train faculty, staff and students to stay safe, year after year with science-based skills and time-tested strategies.


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