About SAM


John Ritchie discusses Safe Approach to Managing Aggressive Behavior (SAM) training, i.e. what school personnel can do now to deal with a violent situation.

John Ritchie
Assistant Director of Public Safety
Fairfield University

James Grimond discusses Safe Approach to Managing Aggressive Behavior (SAM) training, i.e. the importance mental conditioning to prepare for a violent event at a school or workplace.

James Grimord, Sr.
Director of Disability Services
Quinebaug Valley Community College

Lt. Mantie discusses his opinion about the benefit of Safe Approach to Managing Aggressive Behavior (SAM) training for school personnel.

Lt. Jay Mantie
Wesleyan University

On the 10th anniversary of the Columbine tragedy, I wonder how things might have been different there if the teachers and students at Columbine had experienced your School Anger Management Program. Having seen your program in action when it was field tested in my School Crisis graduate classes, I believe this program should be in every school in the nation. It is an easy program to put into place because you have provided excellent materials and training that provide a ready-to-use tool for combating school violence on whatever scale such violence might occur. I commend you on your vision of making all of our schools safer places and congratulate you on developing and implementing the valuable resource that is the School Anger Management Program.

David Keller Trevaskis, Esq.
Law, Education And Peace for Kids, Inc.

Dear Roland:
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your extraordinary presentation. Knowing you and your background, the bar was set very high. I anticipated a quality presentation, but you far surpassed even those expectations. I made it a point to watch the audience. You totally owned them for three hours and that was a tough audience. The attorneys and HR managers were the individuals that I felt were likely to be the most critical, yet they were the most complementary. One said, “It was a very well thought out and logical approach to a very serious problem.” As I sat through your presentation, I kept thinking that I wished my wife and daughter were here to learn from what you had to say. I think that is the ultimate compliment, because they are what mean the most to me in this world.

John Jacewicz
Vice President & Assistant General Auditor
The Hartford — Investigative Services T-15