SAM Advisory Board

Guy Rossi

Guy Rossi is a retired Police Sergeant of the Rochester, New York Police Department who specialized in patrol, recruit, field training and defensive tactics instruction. He has been a nationally recognized law enforcement trainer since 1982. His experiences in officer survival skills have been published in over two hundred magazine articles and chapters in books on training. Upon retiring from active duty he was employed as a Program Coordinator of Curriculum Development for the Public Safety Training Facility of Monroe Community College (MCC).

Presently he is a Program Coordinator of Curriculum Development for the Homeland Security Management Institute of MCC. His current focus is assisting in the instructing and ongoing development of the Safe Approach for Managing Aggressive Behavior (SAM®) as well as the Management of Aggressive Behavior Programs (MOAB®). Guy has a Master's Degree in Adult Education - Instructional Design and plays Lead Guitar in a party band called Rochester Brass & Electric.

He is also a proud charter member of the International Law Enforcement and Educators Training Association (ILEETA) and served as the Editor of the ILEETA Review for three years. In his spare time Guy continues to peck away at a serial killer novel he has been working on entitled, "Bloodline."