About SAM

Our Mission and Vision

SAM’s mission is to maximize the knowledge and skills of individuals who may end up in harms way.  This risk may manifest itself in our schools, workplace or everyday life.

In our schools, educators and school administrators need the knowledge and skills to ensure student safety in the event of physical conflict or other threats of violence.  As educational environments become increasingly volatile, SAM seeks to develop the industry standard for violence management, becoming the market leader in training and education.

In the workplace, employers need to be better prepared to deal with aggressive and disgruntled employees.  The threat of bullying on the job or an employee acting out and possibly leading to a violent situation are very real scenarios.  Our society is becoming more aggressive and the value of the proper knowledge and skills to address this behavior is increasing with time.

In everyday life, preparing our loved ones with safety skills to help them become more aware of the dangers that surround them and how to avoid them is a MUST! We are committed to empowering individuals with the tools they need to reduce their risk of becoming a victim.