About SAM


SAM is rooted in the sound principles of the highly acclaimed Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB®) program. Founded by Roland W. Ouellette in 1983 to address and reduce violence in the workplace, MOAB has been used worldwide and proven effective in many diverse settings. Since its inception, more than 5,000 agencies have benefited from MOAB’s highly researched, state-of-the-art programs.

In 2006, the tragedies of the Amish school shooting in Pennsylvania prompted Roland to turn his expertise specifically to the education community. Together with his daughter Ellen van Olden, and using the core principles developed for his Violence in the Workplace training, Roland created SAM Training to address the rising threat of violence directed at educators in classrooms and on campuses nationwide and individuals in a workplace setting.

Today, SAM is known for its comprehensive approach to violence management.  Whether it is training educational personnel and administrators to protect themselves and their students from injury or training employers and employees in the various aspects of workplace violence, SAM provides KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS.